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Our family hotel Estelar Bungalows, which has been operating since 2012, offers dear quest unique combination of history and nature with the boutique hotel concept. It is located at the one of the most world’s exquisite beaches that is Çıralı, with natural fire burning for 3,000 years (Chimaera), the ancient city of Olympos and the sweet Caretta Caretta friends.

For the day, as you can travel 2365 meters height of the Tahtalı Mountain, ancient city of Phaselis, Myra (Saint Nicholas) and the entertainment center, Kemer; but also you can take daily boat tour to the virgin bays with scuba diving departing from the Çıralı coast.

As we wanted to tell you the Çıralı and Olympos with two sentences, we can use the Russian Master Painter Allexiavich’s sentences without a restriction, “If there were paradise on earth, it would be in fresh water, green and near the sea and anyone who sees this beautiful paradise and love me as much as I would love the picture”.

Existing of everything in this paradise as master said, we appreciate to welcome and see our guest with the notable friendships.

Our hotel is 90 km away from Antalya city center, and you can travel departing every 15 minutes from the bus station or private means of transport. If desired, transfer opportunity is provided with the special services to the bus terminal or airport.


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